IJF 2017

The Spring School takes place just before the opening of the International Festival of Journalism (IJF).

The eleventh edition of the festival will take place in Perugia from Wednesday 05 to Sunday 09 April 2017. Hashtag: #ijf17

About the IJF:

The numbers to frame a fantastic festival #ijf16

  • The tenth edition of IJF is now over. Here are some numbers:
  • 259 sessions, 85 of which had English-Italian simultaneous translation
  • 549 speakers from 34 different countries
  • 170,000 visits to the festival website
  • all sessions in 10 different venues were live-streamed

During the 5 days of the festival, there were 55,000 visualisations of live and on-demand festival videos on the festival Youtube channel, with 11,000 hours of total viewing time. The split was 12,000 visualisations of live streaming, 43,000 of on-demand.


The hashtag #ijf16 produced about 50,000 tweets during the 5 days of the festival, from about 10,000 different users, from 4 continents.

The maximum tweet flow was 1,724 tweets in an hour at 12.00 on Saturday 09 April.

The hashtag #ijf16 was a trending topic in Italy for all 5 days of the festival. It also was a trending topic in Switzerland, Germany and the USA.

The account @journalismfest gained about 1400 followers over the 5 days of the festival.

The most shared tweet was of the video of the session Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently: the courage of reporting on life in Syria under ISIS tweeted 30 minutes after the end of the sessions, reaching 20,700 visualisations.

Tweets from the festival account @journalismfestival reached an average of 100,000 visualisations per day.

The most followed sessions on Twitter were Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently: the courage of reporting on life in Syria under ISIS and the ijf16talks by Iyad El-Baghdadi and Peter Greste, demonstrating the particular interest of festival attendees in issues associated with freedom of expression and human rights.


440,000 visualisations of festival content, with 120,000 likes, comments and shares, over the 5 days of the festival. The festival page gained more than 1500 likes. There were 50,000 visualisations of native videos, with the video of the inauguration of the sculpture Anything to Say? at the top of the list with 20,000 visualisations.

The publication in card format on the festival fan page of a phrase used by speaker Alberto Angela during his session was seen by 122,000 people.

Interesting fact: women aged between 25 and 34 are the most represented category (with 24%) of those who interacted with the festival Facebook fan page. The majority of users who interacted with the fanpage did so via mobile devices.

Three festival sessions were streamed live on the Facebook page of the Guardian: #ThisIsACoup: how the EU destroyed the Tspiras government with 167,000 visualisations, Can a robot do my job? with 3,000 visualisations, and Journalism and Silicon Valley with 3,000 visualisations. In addition, The Guardian streamed a video live on Facebook about the sculpture Anything to Say? with 2,700 visualisations.

Among the novelties this year was a real-time information service on the Telegram platform with a BOT created specifically for the festival. It received more than 2,500 requests.