Final schedule 

Sunday, April 2:

h 14 – welcome

Media system definitions (1)

h 14.30 – Dan Hallin (University of California San Diego), The Concept of Media System (through Skype)


Monday, April 3: Media systems definition (2)

h 9 – Paolo Mancini (University of Perugia), Advantages and pitfalls of the idea of media system


h 11- Gabriele Balbi (Università della Svizzera Italiana), Historical Ideas of Communication Shaping Media Systems


h 14 – Research project discussion with Paolo Mancini and Gabriele Balbi

Tuesday, April 4: Media systems variations

h 9 – Frank Esser (University of Zurich), Studying political communication systems comparatively – What do we know?


h 11 –  Zrinjka Perusko (University of Zagreb), Media systems in post-communist Europe


h 14 –  Research project discussion with Frank Esser and Zrinjka Perusko

Wednesday, April 5: The Chinese media system (1)

h 9 –  Bingchung Meng  (London School of Economics), Looking beyond and looking under the system: Understanding Chinese media


h 11 – Gianluigi Negro  (Università della Svizzera italiana), The Internet in China. Between an alternative model of governance and the coexistence of different ecosystems.


h 14 – Research project discussion with Gianluigi Negro and Bingchung

h 18.00/19.15  – IJF panel “China Between Traditional and Digital Media

Thursday, April 6: The Chinese media system (2)

h 9 – Giuseppe Richeri (Università della Svizzera italiana), The audiovisual media system in China: focus on the film market


h 11-  Research project discussion with Richeri

h 14 -Meeting with IJF guests

Xin Xin (University of Westminster)

Damian Tambini (London School of Economics)

h 16 – Final remarks and certificate awards

h 20 – Final Gala Dinner